7 Best Facial Cleansing Tips

For most people facial cleansing is no big deal –  splash on some water and use some soap and you are done. While this may work from time to time, you need to cleanse your face better if you want to avoid dry skin and even breakouts. The aim of a proper facial cleanse is to get rid of grime and also to remove dead skin. Use the following facial cleansing tips for a glowing skin:

1.    Cleanse your face twice daily – in the morning and before you get into bed at night. If you cleanse it less than this you are accumulating grime and oils and you may get pimples. If you do it more often you are stripping your skin of essential oils that nourish it.

2.    One of the best facial cleansing tips is to avoid using soap on your face. Most ordinary bathroom soaps are too harsh and they strip the skin of essential oils. You should instead use a cleanser that is right for your skin type. If you find that you have run out of cleanser and don’t have time to dash out for a new jar you can cleanse your face with just water and then use cleanser the next time round.

3.    Use warm water every time. If you use hot water you will dry out your skin and if you use cold water you don’t get rid of grime and makeup effectively. You can perk up your skin by using warm water to cleanse and then plunging your face into ice cold water. You will get that much needed fresh face.

4.    Sponges and wash cloths that are used for cleansing the face must be kept clean and free of bacteria. If you have an opening on the skin they can be the source of infection. The same goes for your cleanser – many people don’t know it but cleansers and soaps that aren’t kept hygienically are a source of bacteria.

5.    Always clean your hands before you cleanse your face – they too can carry bacteria. If you have long hair you should hold it back while you cleanse.

6.    Cleanse your face using gentle, upward circular movements. This discourages wrinkles and fine lines from developing. It also boosts circulation which is good for your skin.

7.    Dry your face with a soft towel by patting it. Don’t rub or drag the towel – you will soon have fine lines to show for it.

Use these facial cleansing tips for a fresh face every day.