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Bianchi Oltre XR3 Potenza


* Road smoothing technology gives ride
* Aero layout
* Reduced ride position
* Quality Campagnolo groupset
* Prestige marque




Bianchi’s rangetopping Oltre XR4 Aero bike involves the company Countervail technology. Developed to soften cockpit vibrations Bianchi accommodated Countervail for bicycle frames, helicopters.

Contervail comprises a carbon fiber layup inserted in a resin Bianchi states it reduces vibration by up to 80% comparative to carbondioxide. There is a layer of the fork legs along with Countervail material.

Together with the newest Oltre XR3, Bianchi has attracted Countervail into an aero bike in a lower price point, but using a variety running from a Shimano 105 version at 2800, through this Campagnolo Potenza model along with a Campag Chorus device at 4200 around DuraAce in 4600, it is still not a inexpensive bike.


Bianchi says that it has developed the tube profiles of that the frame from people of its Oltre XR1 And XR2 bicycles, though except for the tube and the chainstays the tubes are altered actually. Bolts are still born by the bottom of the tube for repairing an battery.

The wires are routed. Notice the pile of spacers on the steerer tube

The head tube, down tube and seat tube all have conspicuous aero sections. There is an aero carbon seat post fixed using a concealed bolt in the tube and a bottom mount. For more details about bike pump with gauge, check out best portable bike pump.

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The chainstays are broad and Bianchi states that it has been in a position to produce the seat remains more considerable compared to its versions on account of the Contervail technology. This contributes to braking and makes them vulnerable to bend under load. Whereas the shifter cables are internal to the bracket, the brake cable runs through the tube.

The Fulcrum Racing on a bike, although tube comes with an profile

Bianchi says that it has wind tunnel tested Even though its aero credentials aren’t quite as developed as the XR4’s the Oltre XR3’s framework.


The highlight of the spec of this Bianchi Oltre XR3 is the Campagnolo Potenza Along with a 1129 tape, providing a equipment spread. If you would like to have more range, Potenza provides the choice of an 1132 cassette.

Potenza provides the option

Potenza provides the shifting of Campagnolo groupsets, using a click from upshifters and its own thumb levers. The hood of Campag are ergonomic all comfortable and streamlined . However, by means of the cabling in the bracket, I discovered I had to lubricate the cable exit points changing or nicely became fuzzy.

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Carbon aero seatpost has two setback Choices

The carbon seatpost has a mind that is swappable, letting you pick between a setback that is 25mm and a 10mm. It is topped at framematching celeste and white black.

The spec Bianchi Oltre XR3 Wheelsets, although the DuraAce and Chorus versions get Quattro LG wheels Racing. The 7s are a training wheelset, possess a weight of 1763g, even though they make no promises to aerodynamics plus also a retail price of 199 Euro.


Bianchi’s debate is that using 80 percent of air resistance coming out of the rider, instead of the bicycle, anything which lets them hold a more aero position is going to bring about a ride.

In this aspect, the Countervail tech of the Bianchi Oltre XR3 is an advantage. The bicycle has a smoother ride quality than aero bicycles, dealing with gravel surfaced streets and UK pitch. I felt fresher than I would expect after rides on a performance server. The bar tape does detract from the vibration damping of the frame. More would upward relaxation.

The Bianchi Oltre XR3 is a taut that is satisfyingly bicycle to ride. It includes a ride texture and seems lively, tracking through corners while the Potenza brakes provide great stopping power and modulation and descending confidently.

Together with the head tube that is brief that the ride position is low, which means you provide a lower area. Bianchi has comprised a heap of spacers of 3cm beneath the stem some other 1cm above. So there is the chance to reduce the front end to adopt an aero place; this would give a appearance to the bike.


Using racing legacy and its own history, Bianchi markets itself and this pedigree is paid for by you also. The Bianchi Oltre XR3 marks a transfer to a lower cost point because of its Countervail tech. This enables a ride to be offered by Bianchi too and will make for relaxation than with another aero bikes.

Seatpost is fastened with wedge and a new bolt

This Bianchi Oltre XR3 framework technology’s drawback is the part spec than bikes at this price. Potenza retains its own against Ultegra in quality that is altering. However, the Fulcrum Racing 7 wheels, though good quality, do not fit the aero attributes of the XR3. It is a bicycle yelling out for a pair of (pricey) aero carbon wheels to match.

The Oltre XR3 marks a move to provide its Countervail technology. As it will make riding more comfortable, it is an alternative if you’re searching for an aero bicycle. The XR3 has lots of the low region of its own forks, aero credentials, such as its seat tube and seat post profiles and its seat post bolt. The front end, together with the capability to make it reduced by eliminating spacers, should cause a ride. The handling features of even the XR3 are excellent giving confidence to ride terrain and there is the stopping power in the Potenza brakes. You respect this Oltre XR3’s value proposition is contingent upon the shop which you put from the Bianchi marque. Other manufacturers will offer a spec package at this price to you. However, with more than 250 members of this UK Bianchi Owners’ Club, there are lots of people who will cover the premium for the prestige of Bianchi.

Oltre XR3 Countervail

Aero carbon that is total Countervail

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Campagnolo Potenza

52/36, 1129

Racing 7 LG

Vittoria Rubino Pro 25mm

Bianchi Reparto Corsa

Bianchi Reparto Corsa

Aero 25/10mm switchable, carbon

San Marco Concor